Using a Marble Slab in Your Trendy Toronto Home Renovation

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When your client is considering using a marble slab for their Toronto home renovation, discuss the latest trends so your client is aware of the new and innovative ways marble can be used.


Sit down and take a look at book-matched marble flooring. It’s likely that your client has never heard of it before and has no idea that it exists. This method of splitting a marble slab down the middle so each half mirrors the other is becoming a hot trend. It lets your client match the kitchen countertop to the island, the countertops on each side of an appliance, vanities in the bathroom, and other areas around the house. Book-matched marble is eye-catching and sure to delight all who notice it.

Trends in the Bathroom

Bathrooms seem to be the room that becomes dated the quickest. Whether your clients are just moving in or have lived in their home for a decade or more, marble is a classic, luxurious stone with timeless appeal that is sure to please your clients longer than their avocado-coloured tub ever did.
A hot trend in bathrooms is to create a home spa. This has led to beautiful marble basin sinks that resemble works of art. Stand-alone tubs are also popular. Consider installing marble tiles on the wall or side of tub to add to the decadent feeling.
Another fiery hot trend is a fireplace in the bathroom. Nothing says romance and relaxation like the snapping sound of a fire while your client relaxes with a glass of wine in the tub. A marble fireplace and mantle is truly luxurious, bringing an air of decadence to the room. If the house’s structure permits it, this is a distinctive addition that will please the homeowner and wow prospective buyers.

Marble Slab in Other Rooms

Bakers adore their consistently cool marble countertops in the kitchen, and it’s a coveted touch for bathrooms too. There are so many other ways your clients can use marble to enhance their home’s value and add elegance to any room.
Marble flooring in the foyer is one way to ensure a feeling exclusivity for guests entering a home. Remind your clients that this luxurious entryway comes at a cost beyond the renovation. Since marble is soft and porous, your clients will need to reseal it at least once a year to help it stay stain-resistant— and even more often if it’s in a high traffic area. When marble stains, the stain is usually permanent. Your clients will need a mat for guests to stand on or a special place just outside of the door to remove shoes.
Walk your clients through the types of marble available and find out which colours and patterns they prefer. If they can, they should visit a quarry or your preferred supplier to pick up their marble in person since patterns can vary greatly even within the same type of marble. People often use just one type of marble, but be sure to encourage them to consider mixing different types, like the Theodore Levin United States Courthouse in Detroit, which has over 30 different types of marble.
Helping your clients choose the right marble slab is just the first step in helping them plan a trendy renovation of their Toronto home.